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In a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu,  Xbox Head Phil Spencer revealed what they plan for the next generation of Xbox which will place the gamer at the center. Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President of Xbox Program Managementspoke more about the team’s goals and stated that they have to keep listening to what the gamers want.

Ybarra stated to Famitsu that Microsoft has to “continue to listen to the gamers’ voices” and it certainly seems like doing so would keep them moving in the right direction. In fact, it was only because they listened to fans wanting more exclusive titles for the Xbox that they acquired five new studios to make first-party titles for their console.

Even when it comes to the next generation, Ybarra is convinced that team has been paying attention to what gamers want from now onward. Overall, it looks like Microsoft is moving in the right direction and fans are certainly going to be happy that they’re being heard.

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